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We connect thousands of advertisers around the globe with the most highly valued travelers. Every day, travelers visit our websites to dream about, search for, and book their trips. The advertising solutions and targeting capabilities we offer help you engage with those travelers and deliver the results you want.


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Look and book with our immersive travel tech

As travel evolves, so does our technology. That’s why we built the industry’s first streaming platform that delivers a wholly unique experience for travelers.

This innovative approach to travel advertising gives travelers a firsthand view of what it’s like to be a tourist at various destinations. The videos our Media Studio team creates brings these locations to life, from road trips through the California desert to kayaking the Potomac or sitting down with filmmaker Spike Lee to talk about Brooklyn, New York. This immersive experience lets travelers shop for and book travel as they’re watching the content, putting a whole new spin on tourism marketing as entertainment.

Explore unexpected places with the GoUSA TV series

Flexible advertising solutions

Solutions that work for any business — and any budget.

Find your ideal traveler

Actionable data insights and targeting capabilities to put you in front of the right people.

Real-time data

Robust reporting to monitor and optimize your campaigns.

Why you should partner with
Expedia Group

Our unique capabilities and custom digital media solutions meet your needs and bring your brand to travelers.

TravelAds Sponsored Listings

In the competitive hotel market, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. TravelAds is a simple, proven solution with a pay-per-click approach designed to increase your hotel’s visibility with travelers. Use TravelAds to:

  • Boost room bookings.
  • Drive incremental revenue and profitability.
  • Reach the right travelers.
  • Control your cost-per-click and daily spend.
  • Create customized copy and images.


Like TravelAds, Accelerator, our cost-per-stay solution, is a budget-friendly and effective way to gain visibility with travelers. Use Accelerator to:

  • Boost your visibility in search results.
  • Scale up or down as needed with an easy-to-use platform in Partner Central.
  • Cost-effective: You only pay when you receive a booking.

Co-op campaigns

Make an impact with a collective and cost-effective advertising solution that will extend and amplify your marketing spend. Co-op advertising allows you to:

  • Connect with other destinations, hotels, airlines, and more to jointly engage with travelers and drive demand.
  • Easy and simple: We secure similar strategic partners for you.
  • Stretch your marketing budget.

Media Studio

Get access to our award-winning in-house creative agency to create immersive and compelling interactive experiences that engage travelers. With Media Studio you can:

  • Create videos that tell your brand’s story in a unique and unforgettable way.
  • Use emerging technology to stand out.
  • Build engaging social media campaigns and work with influencers.

Display advertising

Build a full-funnel experience that inspires, influences, and converts travelers. With display advertising you can:

  • Reach the millions of travelers who visit our 200+ websites every day as they dream, plan, and book travel.
  • Design ads that seamlessly integrate across all our sites.
  • Choose from a range of media options that work for advertisers of any size, budget, and business goal.
  • Create branded ads for mobile or email.
  • Become a sponsor — use homepage takeovers or promotional sponsorships to capture travelers’ imaginations.

Work with the biggest brands in the business

Advertise with Expedia Group, where you’ll get the strength, experience, and reach of globally recognized travel brands to help you succeed. Our brands offer the largest expanse of travel channels for you to connect with travelers across the globe.

Explore our customer stories

Find out how we help advertisers meet their needs, from airlines and hotels to destinations.

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*Expedia Group internal data, 2023, identified and anonymous visitors.