Utah Office of Tourism

Working with Expedia Group Media Solutions helped us stay top of mind, inspire future travel in our international markets, and lead innovatively when our competitors were silent. We chose to lead amongst our competitors by targeting potential future visitors to discover and book their next trip to Utah’s unrivaled burgeoning urban cityscapes, national parks, state parks, and national monuments.

Rachel Bremer, Global Markets Director
55 million



Click-through rate


With the majority of international borders closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Utah Office of Tourism wanted to drive awareness and reignite international traveler interest, keeping Utah at the forefront of travelers’ minds as they prepared to travel again.    

The campaign harnessed Expedia Group’s first-party travel intent data and PassportAds Audience Extension to target and deliver the destination’s message beyond the Expedia Group sites.    

The Opportunity

Located in the Western United States, the state of Utah is famed for its contrasting and breathtaking landscapes, fantastic skiing and snowboarding, and impressive national parks.   

The state relies heavily on international tourism, but with most international borders closed due to COVID-19, the Utah Office of Tourism needed to stay top of mind with its target audience of Australian, British, and German travelers. This would help ensure that when borders re-opened and travelers could return to the U.S., they would choose Utah as their destination.   

The Solution

The Utah Office of Tourism and its media agency, Love Communications, worked closely with Expedia Group Media Solutions to ensure the campaign aligned with its objectives of increasing brand awareness and reigniting travel interest among Australian, British, and German travelers. 

Knowing people are online and consuming more digital content than ever before, the Utah Office of Tourism used the PassportAds Audience Extension solution—which leverages Expedia Group first-party travel intent data—to target travel shoppers in these countries wherever they browse on the web.

To maximize the reach and impact of the campaign, the Utah Office of Tourism also leveraged a strategic partnership between Expedia and Brand USA to take advantage of the fund matching offer available from both parties.

The Results

The campaign helped drive significant awareness and bookings for the Utah Office of Tourism, delivering over 55 million impressions and an average click-through rate of 0.12%.

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