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Create immersive and compelling interactive experiences that engage hundreds of millions of travelers across Expedia Group’s 200+ websites.

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Our in-house, award-winning creative agency will collaborate with your brand to create compelling media experiences to reach and captivate your target audience. We will work with you and your team every step of the campaign, from ideation and execution to delivering performance insights.

Featured campaign: GoUSA

Travel is always evolving, and we’re also constantly looking for new ways to engage travelers to help them get where they want to go. That’s why we’ve debuted an industry first: an interactive streaming platform that lets travelers immerse themselves in virtual road trips at destinations across the U.S. and book while they look.

Media Studio solutions

Our creative solutions are designed to enhance the traveler journey andcreate compelling media experiences.

Motion + Video Production

Videos to tell your story and showcase your brand.

Interactive Digital Platforms

Digital experiences designed around your brand.

Brand Partnerships

Co-branded marketing initiatives to amplify your message.

Emerging Technology

The latest technologies to help your brand stand out.

Experiential Marketing

Inspiring, interactive and bespoke campaigns that give your brand more impact.

Social + Influencers

Influential bloggers, online events, humorous posts, and more.

Can You Kenya?

Social + influencers

“A stunning, content-rich microsite—connected to social channels and starring well-known influencers—delivering deep engagement and advocacy for Kenya.

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Visit Panamá

Video production

Visit Panamá partnered with our award-winning creative team on a new video series called “The Next Turn” to promote the amazing experiences Panamá offers. 

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Visit Denmark

Motion + video production

This first-person, interactive video series was groundbreaking in its use of interactive video to create immersive experiences to deliver greater advocacy and conversion.

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Brand USA

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Expedia Group Media Solutions in developing innovative ways to promote the distinctive sights and sounds found only in the United States. As the Sound Travels program continues to evolve, we’re confident that it will inspire prospective visitors to travel to one of our vibrant destinations.


Brand USA delivers 160:1 ROAS >

Visit Britain

Britain is packed full of amazing moments and we want people to book a trip to come and experience the sheer diversity of culture, heritage, and countryside. Working with Expedia amplifies our global marketing reach as we drive the inspiration to visit into bookings, boosting the economy and jobs across Britain


Visit Britain drives 40% increase in demand >

Visit Denmark

This campaign for Visit Denmark was groundbreaking in its use of interactive video to create immersive experiences to deliver greater advocacy and conversion.

Campaign drives 200k+ video views >

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