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2020 is a year in which we must pivot to be successful. Through TravelAds we’ve been able to leverage targeting tools to ensure our offerings are visible to those searching our market.

Briana Hill, Director of Revenue Management, Hyatt Regency Chicago

Room Night Demand via TravelAds




Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

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Given the impacts of COVID-19, Hyatt Regency Chicago knew that demand would be low and competition for bookings would be high. They used scheduled TravelAds with customized copy to engage travel shoppers and drive bookings.

The Opportunity

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing leaders at the Hyatt Regency Chicago realized that there was going to be limited customer demand into the foreseeable future. They decided to use TravelAds to differentiate themselves from other hotels in Chicago and to drive bookings.

The Solution

One of the largest hotels in Chicago, the Hyatt Regency created a TravelAds campaign that would help them drive incremental revenue during the pandemic. They worked with Expedia Group Media Solutions to brainstorm ideas to both feature their competitive rates and share a time-limited amenity that they were offering to guests: free valet parking.

Taking past campaigns and all the data on hand into consideration, it was agreed that drive market, domestic travel would be the first type of travel to bounce back, and therefore, surfacing their free valet in the last minute booking window would be a huge incentive to potential guests. In some markets, free valet parking is standard, but in Chicago this is a highly valuable amenity – especially during a time when many visitors were traveling by car.

The Hyatt Regency used scheduled ads and customized ad copy to engage potential bookers and focused the campaign on short term bookers (using the 0-48 hour bid enhancer) because over 50% of bookings downtown were being made within two days of arrival.

The Results

TravelAds helped the Hyatt Regency Chicago keep the bookings coming in even while overall demand was low. While the campaign was active, more than seventy percent of their room nights came via TravelAds. The campaign generated roughly 200k impressions and a return on ad spend of 8:1.

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