The Dedica Anthology

We are very happy with the results of our campaigns. For me, TravelAds is not just a tool able to support the brand awareness and the economic performance, but also a system that allows me to meet, in a timely manner, the specific market needs. I will use this product in the future.

Palma Di Pace, Digital Manager, The Dedica Anthology
~ 9 million


Dedica Anthology


The Dedica Anthology is a new luxury hospitality brand representing a collection of contemporary-minded hotels that occupy landmark buildings in Italy and across Europe. Each hotel is individually named to reinforce its unique personality and sense of place.

Headquartered in Milan and unveiled in 2018, The Dedica Anthology is subtly rooted in the Italian art of sociable and generous hospitality and specializes in distinctive hotels for discerning, curious travelers seeking the natural contrast between classic places and contemporary ways of living.

The Opportunity

The Dedica Anthology launched at a time when, more than ever before, the global hotel industry and the luxury sector were evolving. They saw an opportunity to challenge and reinvent the category. Being a new brand in the hospitality field, The Dedica Anthology’s goal was to create brand awareness and drive incremental revenue. Launching a collaboration with Expedia Group Media Solutions was a means to accomplish those goals by increasing the brand’s visibility.

The Solution

The Dedica Anthology worked with Expedia Group Media Solutions to launch and continually run TravelAds Sponsored Listings. This strategy allowed them to maintain their online presence and boost investments during specific need periods.

The hospitality group also used targeting tactics and optimization to improve the effectiveness of their advertisements. Some of these tactics included focusing on specific feeder markets plus content personalization for each point of sale.

The Results

By using TravelAds, The Dedica Anthology was able to secure more than 9 million impressions. This helped to increase brand awareness for the hospitality group, and in turn, occupancy.

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