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This European based financial institution targeted key markets and saw a brand recognition lift of 20%.

The Opportunity

A European based financial institution that creates customized, co-branded credit cards was looking to expand their brand awareness in the U.S. Historically, they have focused their digital marketing efforts in the U.S. toward acquisition-based, direct response campaigns, but they wanted to test a branding campaign. 

The Financial Institution pinpointed two major objectives to raise brand recognition in the U.S.: 

  1. Deliver a branding message to measure how receptive U.S. based consumers would be to a newly developed credit card.
  2. Deliver a direct response message aimed at kick-starting card acquisition among U.S. consumers.

The Solution

The Financial Institution’s digital advertising agency worked with Expedia Group Media Solutions to reach the specific markets in which they were looking to grow market share. Specifically, they used display advertising across the site targeting key markets using creative messaging tied to the bonus points offer available with the featured credit card. 

The Results

Direct Response

Expedia was the only site to outperform the cost per approval goal set at the onset of the campaign. Expedia’s cost per approval was 18% lower than the goal, driving 688 of the campaign’s approved online applications.

Brand Recognition

Their digital advertising agency conducted a Vizu study, posing a question to the Expedia audience: “Have you heard of the following (list of 5 credit cards) ?” The benchmark they were looking for in the financial industry was 8.5%. The response of the Expedia audience registered a 20% lift in brand recognition.

The Financial Institution also ran a secondary creative study and posed a question that measured brand lift. The results from Expedia showed a 32% lift in brand association within the exposed audience.

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