Korean Air

When running a promotion on our own site and on Expedia, being able to target the highly qualified Expedia audience with our ads after they leave Expedia is amplifying our revenue across all channels, and therefore multiplying our Expedia ROAS. Especially the ability to personalize ads with destination images based on the shoppers intent generated in our last campaign a 20% lift in CTR over other advertising spend. Expedia Group Media Solutions provides us such targeting abilities.

Mathias Eichelberger, General Manager of Online Sales & Marketing, Korean Air

Return on Ad Spend


Korean Air leveraged our first-party data and audience extension solution to increase bookings from the US audience. As a result, they were able to reach a highly qualified audience across the web and obtained a 10:1 Return on Ad Spend.

The Opportunity

A major carrier for air travel throughout Asia, Korean Air was looking to increase bookings from the US audience, and specifically expand their reach beyond the traditional campaigns they had been running.

The Solution

To get a wider reach within the US audience, Expedia Group Media Solutions recommended an audience extension campaign.

By leveraging audience extension for the first time, Korean Air was able to reach shoppers interested in using the air carrier outside of the Expedia Group sites. Using Expedia first-party data on shopping and purchase behavior, audience extension identifies the attributes of a ready to convert shopper and is then able to reach that audience profile across the web. This enabled Korean Air to engage and stay top of mind with shoppers as they continued through their web browsing journey outside of Expedia Group sites.

The campaign featured a simple and direct Call To Action: Asia On Sale Now.

The Results

The campaign produced excellent results and enabled Korean Air to measure the impact their ad spend had on the revenue they generated.

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