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National Australia Bank’s dynamic and interactive campaign promoting the NAB Traveller Card drove impressive results that inspired customers to immerse themselves in the cultures they visit.

The Opportunity

National Australia Bank wanted to raise awareness of their NAB Traveller Card, a debit card which locks up to 10 currencies and increases customer engagement as a result. They partnered with Expedia Group Media Solutions to reach 18–35 year-old Australian “sunchasers” heading to Europe and North America for the Australian winter (Northern Hemisphere’s summer).

The Solution

NAB Traveller Card and Mindshare partnered with the team to create a beautiful, inspiring and highly engaging campaign to both embed the NAB Traveller Card within the consumer’s travel journey and spark interactive dialogue. To help capture NAB’s desired customer base, an Expedia microsite was developed to focus on the concept that no one wants to stand out as a tourist.

The concept creative was designed to inspire customers to immerse themselves in the culture that they travel to, use the card to pay like a local, and blend in by doing the things locals do. The site consisted of a “Pass Like a Local” quiz, pages such as “Party Like a Local” and “Stay Like a Local” to provide tips and venues for those wanting an authentic travel experience, and information about the NAB Traveller Card. In addition to the dynamic and interactive microsite, the six-week campaign included display ads and social media posts in partnership with Expedia Australia.  

The Results

The campaign successfully delivered a targeted holistic campaign that captured and engaged the Australian sunchaser audience—and nearly doubled NAB’s original goal. In total, the six-week campaign drove 8 million impressions, 288 thousand page views, and more than 39 thousand quiz entries. Additionally, participants tweeted 5 thousand travel tips with the #LikeaLocal hashtag and NAB received over 22 thousand new sign-ups to their email newsletter.

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