Shenandoah CVB


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)




The Shenandoah CVB obtained a 14:1 return on ad spend and increased brand awareness using sponsored listings.

The Opportunity

The Shenandoah Convention & Visitors Bureau had struggled with limited brand awareness, given its location as a smaller suburb of Houston. Their advertising strategy had included mostly print and so they were looking to try digital. Their objective was to test a digital approach to hotel bookings that was trackable and would provide awareness to the town of Shenandoah as well as increase hotel bookings as a result.

The Solution

The Expedia Media Solutions team partnered with the Shenandoah CVB and our hotel supply team to craft a media plan that would increase brand exposure and hotel bookings through sponsored listings.  The sponsored listings, which were co-funded by Shenandoah CVB and the three participating hotel properties, provided the opportunity to feature these hotels via premium placements in hotel search results alongside organic hotel search results across multiple brands including Expedia, Hotels, Hotwire, Travelocity, AirAsiaGo, and Wotif. The messaging was targeted to feature specific properties as well as promoting the destination of Shenandoah.

The Results

The campaign served over 80,000 impressions and obtained a 14:1 return on ad spend over the course of a one month campaign — providing great value and the exposure that the client was looking to receive for their destination.

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