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TravelAds increases our visibility on Expedia brand websites, which helps to have more revenue as well as to increase our brand awareness. We will continue to run regular TravelAds campaigns for marketing solutions and look forward to having more room nights from Expedia group.

Sakamoto Kazuhiro, General Manager

YOY Demand for The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun


YOY Demand for The Splaisir Seoul Myeong-Dong


MOM Room Night Demand


Sotetsu Hotels, a Japanese hotel chain, wanted to increase the visibility of two hotels they had recently opened in the bustling districts of Myeongdong and Dongdaemun in Seoul, South Korea. After purchasing and rebranding two local properties as The Splaisir Seoul Myeong-Dong and The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun, respectively, Sotetsu Hotels wanted to drive visibility and demand for their new hotels through leading-edge, digital marketing strategies.

The Opportunity

Because both The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun and The Splaisir Seoul Myeong-Dong hotels were newly branded and largely unknown in the market, Sotetsu wanted a solution to promote both hotels and drive room nights for both properties.

The Solution

Sotetsu Hotels’ work with Expedia Group Media Solutions began in 2018. Sotetsu began by running TravelAds for one of their Splaisir hotels, and after seeing positive results from the campaign, decided to run sponsored listings for their second property in Seoul.

The success of both TravelAds campaigns inspired Sotetsu Korea to expand their collaboration with Media Solutions; in early 2019 the hotel group launched a Display campaign on for both The Splaisir Seoul Myeong-Dong and The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun.

The Results

Sotetsu Hotels’ collaboration with Media Solutions resulted in significant, positive outcomes. The TravelAds campaign helped drive a 30 percent increase in year over year (YoY) demand for The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun and a 100 percent increase in YoY demand for The Splaisir Seoul Myeong-Dong. Additionally, the hotel group saw a 300 percent month over month increase in room night demand after launching their Display campaign with Media Solutions.

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