Stonebridge Companies

Denver, Colorado

“The ability to utilize Post Bill functionality allowed us to have a higher focus on strategy. We can run the campaigns without interruption and not worry about running out of funds!”

Kristina Russel & Kathy Merrow, Digital Strategy Management 

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Stonebridge Companies is a privately owned, innovative hospitality management and hotel development company, managing a portfolio of 65+ hotels across the U.S. It provides investor opportunities, hotel development services, hotel management services, and hospitality career opportunities to its partners and associates.

The Opportunity

Due to the nature of the company, each of Stonebridge Companies’ hotels funded a TravelAds account separately via credit card. This demanded manual effort and risked inconsistent visibility for the properties if funds ran out. Additionally, if any properties had a balance that was too low to stay in the auction, they would not have been notified, creating further missed opportunities. Not staying in the auction due to insufficient funds can easily lead to missed revenue opportunities.

The Solution

Ensuring adequate funds is the best way to achieve maximum exposure and fill rooms. That’s why Stonebridge Companies began using Post Bill as its TravelAds payment method. Post Bill is our convenient billing option that offers a predetermined credit line that resets every month, reducing the effort and guesswork of prefunding. ​ 

The Results

Post Bill is easy and convenient to set up, leading Stonebridge Companies to sign up all 67 of its properties. This helped the properties maintain visibility and fill rooms, and ultimately resulted in a 135% increase in room nights and a 160% increase in revenue. Furthermore, with the use of Post Bill, Stonebridge Companies regained an average of 3 hours a month, allowing more time for strategic planning, media planning, and design.  

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