Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites






This independent hotel hit 80 percent occupancy rates during “storm-watching season” with TravelAds Sponsored Listings.

The Opportunity

The Waters Edge Shoreside Suites is a condo style Canadian resort on prime waterfront location in British Columbia. The resort struggled with occupancy rates for nearly ten years due to changes in management and overall lack of awareness. After a major brand refresh, Water’s Edge was looking for new and more effective ways to increase room nights, revenue and overall occupancy.

The Solution

Working in close partnership with their TravelAds Account Executive, they were able to craft a hotel advertising campaign to increase brand awareness and increase occupancy.  

Water’s Edge capitalized quickly on key features that other hotels in their market were not utilizing–quickly moving them to the top sponsored listing spot on the hotel search results page in their market. 

Since a TravelAds Sponsored Listing appears alongside search results in addition to their organic listings, Water’s Edge took this second listing as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other hotels in their market. They customized their sponsored hotel listing with copy and imagery highlighting the unique attributes of their property, specifically featuring the unique urban experiences and raw wilderness demonstrating the intimate and natural atmosphere their property provides.  

From there, Water’s Edge leveraged some of TravelAds targeting capabilities, specifically restricting the listing to show only when longer length of stay searches were made, but kept parameters of the rest of the campaign open–giving them exposure to travel shoppers across the globe. Here, Water’s Edge discovered their offering was resonating with European travelers from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands–who now compromise 20 percent of their Expedia business. 

The Results

Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites generated more than $300,000 in revenue during its first quarter with Expedia TravelAds. Daily and weekly reporting made it easy to optimize their campaign and track return on investment. In two years of using TravelAds, total revenue at Water’s Edge increased from $750,000 to $2.2 million. 

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