Converting Travel Shoppers into Guests with Accelerator

Every lodging property has the same goal: heads on beds. But in a crowded marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand apart from the competition and increase room bookings.  

Expedia Group Media Solutions offers products like Accelerator to help our lodging partners increase room visibility for travel shoppers looking for stays across our sites. Accelerator is easy and effective, takes only minutes to set up, and uses a pay-per-stay model to help protect your bottom line.  

How to use Accelerator 

Select targeted stay dates 

The first thing you need to do when creating an Accelerator is select the stay dates you want to target. If you’re looking for consistent visibility, you have the option to keep the end date open.  

Pro tip: Select dates where your occupancy is the lowest or when you expect there to be a lull in rooms booked, like the off-season or mid-week. Using Accelerator to target these dates can help ensure that you’re boosting visibility when you need it most.  

Select a compensation level 

The next step in creating your Accelerator is to select the amount of compensation you want to use for your campaign. It is customizable and you can preview the potential impact on your sort order before committing.  

Pro tip: Use a compensation amount that fits your business’ needs and goals. If you only want to fill a few rooms, you can take a more conservative approach. If you want to ensure your listing is seen to encourage travelers to book the desired dates, use a more aggressive approach. The preview tool can help you better understand how different amounts can impact your position in the search results. 

That’s it. Congratulations, you’ve created an Accelerator campaign and are on your way to reaching more travelers.  

Two travelers in an airport

Create compelling campaigns for your destination 

With travel demand on the rise, destination marketers have the opportunity to reach eager travelers.

Destination marketers can take advantage of our insights into traveler behavior to connect with travelers, create excitement about their destination, and build compelling campaigns to stand out from the competition.

Optimize your Accelerator campaign    

Pair with TravelAds

If consistent visibility is your main goal, we recommend also using TravelAds Sponsored Listings, another Media Solutions tool that ensures continuous visibility and offers more advanced targeting options. Hotels have seen great success using the two solutions together, like Dreams Jade Resort & Spa, which saw more than a 105% increase in page views during their TravelAds and Accelerator campaigns. 

Track performance 

It’s important to ensure your campaign is performing as desired. Once your Accelerator campaign is live, you can use analytics to track performance at any time and optimize for better results. Tracking page views and impressions allows you to compare apples to apples with other performance-based marketing or advertising programs. Remember that you don’t pay for page views and impressions — you only pay for Accelerator when you get bookings.  

Modify your Accelerator 

You can adjust your Accelerator when you see changes in your market, such as an increase or decrease in occupancy or compression.  

Consider sort order

The highest spots in the sort are the most powerful. To generate the best results, keep in mind that the higher you move up, the more likely you are to get bookings. 

Optimize for specific markets 

In the preview tool settings, you can adjust your targeted markets to see the impact in a specific area. This is helpful if you’re focused on being at the top of the search sort in a particular market.

Use the preview dashboard 

The preview dashboard can help you dial in the best settings and shows you how your Accelerator should perform based on your settings. Play with the settings, set different dates, or adjust markets and compensation levels to see which combinations have the most impact.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your listing’s visibility on Expedia Group sites, Accelerator offers easy setup and maintenance, and its pay-per-stay model is cost effective and budget friendly.

Learn more about Accelerator or log in to Partner Central and create a campaign today. 

Christine Walker Scarce

Senior Director, Product & Sales Marketing

Christine Walker Scarce leads the product marketing team at Expedia Group Media Solutions, overseeing the go-to-market strategies for the digital advertising products and services across the Expedia Group portfolio of leading travel brands. Her team is responsible for everything from product planning and positioning to marketing strategy to deliver innovative media offerings and reporting for marketing partners. Christine previously spent seven years at as the senior manager for destination management, where she led product strategy for With more than 20 years in the marketing industry, Christine has experience in e-commerce, merchandising and technology industries, having led product strategy and development previously at and T-Mobile. She is a graduate from the University of Houston and lives in Seattle with her family.

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