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Travelocity Overview

The leading travel brand in the US and Canada. Travelocity offers all major travel services to both leisure and business travelers.


Monthly Worldwide Unique Visitors 12.2M
Monthly Worldwide Page Views 64M
Monthly US Unique Visitors 11.4M
Monthly US Page Views 64M


% of Women/Men

Women: 60%

Men: 40%

% 25-54 Years of Age 61%
% with HHI $75K+ 64%

Travelocity Gnome Storydoing

The iconic Travelocity brand ambassador, the Roaming Gnome, can help promote your brand and grow your social following through co-branded promotions, cross-platform contests, and more.

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Data source: comScore July 2018
Demographics by brand data for Travelocity: US comScore July 2018