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Orbitz Overview

A leading full-service travel brand that reaches a premium travel audience across North America.


Monthly Worldwide Unique Visitors 10.9M
Monthly Worldwide Page Views 85M
Monthly US Unique Visitors 10.6M
Monthly US Page Views 84M


% of Women/Men

Women: 59%

Men: 41%

% 25-54 Years of Age 59%
% with HHI $75K+ 64%

Orbitz Rewards Sponsorship

Orbitz Rewards is the customer loyalty program for, where customers can earn free travel rewards with every booking, in the form of Orbucks.

By combining loyalty and display advertising placements together, partners have a unique opportunity to differentiate their brand and increase exposure on This is done by offering Orbitz customers extra Orbucks when they book the promoted product for a limited time.

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Data source: comScore July 2018
Demographics by brand data for Orbitz: US comScore July 2018